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Spaceward Bound “T minus 3 days”

By Steve Pointing 13/01/2015

Our NASA and other overseas participants have started their launch sequence for arrival on Planet NZ this Friday, and the team in NZ is busy making plans to welcome our fellow “Taupo-nauts”.  A very well deserved acknowledgement goes here to event leader Haritina Mogosanu as she works tirelessly and as far as I can tell without sleep (vampire?) on the finishing touches.  My biggest issue has been getting decent off-road tyres fitted to the 4×4 as the current tyres could reasonably be mistaken by some for racing slicks at the moment (a little wear and tear issue there!).
A few nice little astrobiology stories have made the news this week, which will hopefully help to pique public interest in our expedition.  Headlining is the ongoing debate about whether methane emissions from Mars’ subsurface might be biological in origin.  Check out the Astrobiology Magazine website for more:
If you are a budding astrobiologist, then consider attending the Astrobiology Science Conference in Chicago this June.  The theme is “habitability, habitable worlds, and life”
Spaceward Bound NZ website: