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Spaceward Bound “T minus 1 day”

By Steve Pointing 15/01/2015

The excitement is mounting as participants begin to arrive in New Zealand for the inaugural New Zealand Spaceward Bound expedition.  My scientific collaborator and friend, NASA astrobiologist Chris McKay says: “New Zealand is a great place for a Spaceward Bound expedition. The mineral deposits associated with the hot springs provide a good analog for deposits we might encounter on the surface of Mars. During this expedition the team will extract samples using techniques planned for future Mars missions.”  

Chris McKay has been one of the driving forces for astrobiology at NASA and worldwide, and his media presence is immense.  Here are links to just some of his many amazing astrobiology videos:

The Stanford Seminar 2014:

National Museum of Scotland Public Lecture:

Chis McKay on Mars Curiosity mission: