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More on Pluto, drones and why Carl Woese deserved a Nobel prize

By Steve Pointing 17/07/2015

On bFM’s Dear Science show , the lead story was of course the success of NASAs New Horizons probe and the amazing images of Pluto and its moons that beamed their way to us across approximately 4.5bn km of space. Even the first ‘basic’ findings, confirming Pluto’s size and surface topography, are astonishing. Follow New Horizons

Closer to home, a discussion on how novel spectral imaging cameras mounted on airborne drones is transforming conservation research in NZ is also featured

Finally, since Carl Woese was born on this day in 1928, I review his pivotal contribution to the understanding of evolutionary biology and microbiology. His discovery of the third domain of life (Archaea) and their place in the phylogeny of all life surely ranks as one of the most important contributions to life science, and how this was never recognised with a Nobel Prize is in my view a great omission.