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By Steve Pointing 23/07/2015

It’s all about life in the broadest possible sense on bFM’s Dear Science show this week.
In the show I discuss how announcement of the $100m ‘Breakthrough Initiative’ project by the Royal Society in London this week will boost the search for life on other worlds.  
This project is funded by Yuri Milner and other philanthropic tech billionaires, and has the backing of eminent physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking. A related story describes how the origin of life may need a re-think, and perhaps points to an origin on land in deserts rather than the currently held view that hydrothermal vents were the source of the first self-replicating biological molecules.
Finally I talk about a new study in PNAS this week that indicates carbon dating techniques may become severely compromised by the rising levels of atmospheric carbon from burning fossil fuels (abstract only with this link unless you have a subscription).