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Super mice, robot limbs and more on Dear Science

By Steve Pointing 21/08/2015

On my Dear Science show on 95 bFM radio this week, I discuss breaking science news stories including the creation of a super mouse in the laboratory, how the brain can control robotic limbs, and a report that New Zealand intertidal skinks use salty snot to osmoregulate!
Despite being fiercely opposed to animal experimentation I found the super mouse study is very intriguing.  By modification of a single gene (phosphodiesterase-4B) laboratory mice showed dramatic increases in cognition and intelligence.  They also showed reduced fear and one of the ways the scientists assessed this was in the mouse response to cat urine – so I am pretty glad I just work on microbes!
Links to journal article (abstract only unless you have a subscription) and popular science story on this research.