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By Steve Pointing 16/11/2015

If you are in Auckland from now until 24thJanuary then you might want to check out the Elusive Earth: Refined images of Antarctica exhibition at the TSB Bank Wallace Art Centre.  The artwork will definitely appeal to the scientist in you, with images of the natural landscape and scientific fieldwork that have been filtered, collaged and abstracted to provide a unique view of this stunning continent. 

The artists have been sponsored by Antarctica New Zealand, and so too has the science I will showcase in my public lectures.  I am giving weekend lectures on the interface of science and art in Antarctica.  These are set in the gallery itself, inside a beautiful nineteenth century building with comfortable designer couches for you to sit on!
Here is the abstract for my November public lecture From Antarctica to Mars:

The McMurdo Dry Valleys present a stunning ice-free landscape in Antarctica. They form the coldest and driest desert on Earth and so have been used by astrobiologists to guide the search for life on the cold dry surface of Mars. In this talk Steve Pointing, Director of the Institute for Applied Ecology New Zealand at AUT, will narrate a visual journey into this unusual habitat and beyond to the surface of Mars.

Art above the fireplace: Atmospheric Optics by Megan Jenkinson.