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By Steve Pointing 03/02/2016

After a fantastic kiwi summer totally off the grid, it’s time to get back to work, and also to the fun part of science – which for me is all things ‘scicomms’

My radio show ‘Dear Science – science that makes sense’ kicks off again today and has a fresh new look and a new co-host in Sara Shirazi.  Today we discuss the history of coconuts and cats, and ask the essential pythonesque question “what have the Romans ever done for us?”

Tune in at 12:30pm today on 95.0 bFM or listen to the podcast

The Sci21 portal is expanding its content, if you haven’t been there yet make time to view the latest video upload ’emerging infectious diseases’ – particularly relevant if anyone is following press coverage on the Zika virus.

A new feature is the Sci21-open platform, where anyone can upload a 90 second video about what they think is exciting in science. Once published the video will benefit from the Sci21 promotional campaign and reach a wide audience. Check out the upload site here.