Pointing At Science

Cats are evil, dogs are perfect, but they both have environmental impact

Steve Pointing Aug 11, 2017

Cats are evil, I have always known this – don’t ask how but I just do1, and now science is proving me right.  Sadly dogs, which everyone knows are humans best friend and the most perfect animal on Earth, are also to blame for the latest environmental impact described in a cool new publication by Gregory Okin2 at UCLA.  … Read More

Severe weather changes may be due to air pollution

Steve Pointing Aug 01, 2017

One of the most worrying global trends in climate is a southward shift in the tropical rain belt during recent decades. This has significantly affected rainfall patterns and caused severe impacts on water availability, food production and natural hazards. The impacts have been most pronounced in tropical Africa and South America but this phenomenon may also affect tropical Asia including … Read More

We’ve got 1093 days left to save our planet

Steve Pointing Jul 03, 2017

With signs that the global rise in CO2emissions declined slightly over the past few years there has been a tendency to suggest this is due to efforts in curbing emissions leading up to and resulting from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.   As likely as not though this may simply reflect a reduction in coal utilisation by China … Read More

A link between the economy, cancer and corporate deviancy?

Steve Pointing May 30, 2016

A few quirky social studies have appeared in the science literature, reporting data that the authors variously claim links increased cancer deaths to economic downturn, identifies a ‘value’ for corporate misconduct, and shows that the effort you put in to a relationship depends on how your partner stacks up against the competition! Is there a link between economic downturn and … Read More