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Amazing Animals special on bFM this week

Steve Pointing Jul 10, 2015

Spiders that can sail and even make anchors, the secret to why seahorses have square tails, and why there should be alien sharks and lions on other planets.  Check out the 'Amazing Animals' special on bFM's Dear Science show this week: http:/... Read More

Biological clocks, atomic clocks and biogenic iron

Steve Pointing Jul 02, 2015

On my ‘Dear science’ radio show on 95 bFM this week I discuss the latest cool science breakthroughs including: New work that reveals the molecular basis for recording the Earth’s rotation in biological molecules, why we gained an extra second on June 30ththis year, and why half the iron on Earth may be biogenically modified.  Listen to the podcast … Read More

Calling all science communicators!

Steve Pointing Jun 26, 2015

Check out my new project, Sci21, aimed at showcasing Kiwi and southern hemisphere scientist’s views on topics that will transform our world in the twenty first century (http://sci21.co.nz/).  We have already filmed the first three webcasts that tackled topics as diverse as astrobiology, nanotechnology and e-health.  These will go live on the Sci21 website in July.  The next filming … Read More

Do solar flares cause arthritis?

Steve Pointing Jun 18, 2015

A health focus on bFM’s Dear Science show this week:  Have you ever wanted to know why someone would create a global map of fecal viruses? Could there be a link between solar flares and the incidence of autoimmune diseases? What’s the reason that some itches just have to be scratched?  If you want to know the answers, you can … Read More

A salute to the most important ‘soldier’ of WW2

Steve Pointing Jun 10, 2015

It is sixty-one years ago this month since the great mathematician and father of modern computing Alan Turing took his own life.  He would have been celebrating his 103rd birthday this month had he survived – and being a homosexual before the time when single sex parents could have children, he may possibly have lived long enough to blow out … Read More

All things Antarctic

Steve Pointing Jun 05, 2015

On my 'Dear Science' radio broadcast on 95.0 bFM this week, I discuss how recent melting of a west Antarctic ice sheet is so great it is affecting local gravity,  why some scientists are proposing to send ice to Antarctica, and why Antarctic dinos... Read More

car crashes, green products, transformers and hip hop

Steve Pointing May 27, 2015

In my ‘Dear Science’ radio show on 95.0 bFM today, I discuss new science and technology findings that tell us why you are more likely to die if you hit an SUV rather than a car, why ‘green’ household products really may not be that good for you, how the Transformers movie is affecting management style, and how big … Read More

The missing link between simple and complex cells?

Steve Pointing May 13, 2015

An intriguing new paper appeared in Nature this week, entitled ‘Complex archaea that bridge the gap between prokaryotes and eukaryotes’ (abstract and author details at: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nature14447.htmlSo what’s all the fuss about? – surely the widely held view that simple prokaryotic cells (the domains Archaea and Bacteria, which are what most people would know as simple unicellular ‘microbes’) gave rise … Read More

NASA one step closer to finding aliens

Steve Pointing Apr 16, 2015

I have been fortunate enough to work closely with NASA’s Ames Research Center for over ten years.  They are the world’s leading astrobiology research institution, and have been responsible for most of the major advances in this field.  This week has been massive for NASA for two reasons: The discovery of conditions for liquid water on Mars and a … Read More

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