Pointing At Science

Hooray – it’s World Science Day!

Steve Pointing Nov 09, 2014

Today is World Science Day, I know this because the UNESCO website tells me so.  Unfortunately I am not sure this is going to be high on the radar of many media outlets, or indeed for many science professionals.  This is a shame because it is... Read More

A “wee” problem for ocean chemistry?

Steve Pointing Oct 10, 2014

So here's a nice story for a Friday afternoon - a new study published in PNAS this week describes how the urine from massive numbers of vertically migrating marine creatures is affecting ocean chemistry.  The University of Washingto... Read More

Is cancer more active at night?

Steve Pointing Oct 07, 2014

An interesting new study in cell biology indicates a steroid hormone responsible for keeping us alert during the day may also suppress the spread of cancer cells.  This highlights that cancer therapy may benefit from timing to coincide with when the body is least able to defend against cancer at night. The work appears in the prestigious journal Nature Communications … Read More

Ebola response should take heed of new HIV study

Steve Pointing Oct 07, 2014

With the disturbing news today that a nurse has contracted Ebola from an infected patient in Spain, a new study that reveals the early spread of HIV can be explained by transport networks and social change is a chilling reminder that far greater vigilance and appropriate action based upon science rather than politics or misguided sentiment will be needed to … Read More

Nobel recognises work on brain’s internal GPS

Steve Pointing Oct 07, 2014

Nobel season is again upon us, and the first prize announced on 6th October 2014 was that for physiology or medicine.  This year the award goes to a trio of researchers who between them conducted work to understand one of the greatest mysteries of neuroscience – that of how we know where we are, how can we find our way … Read More

Does watching Action Movies make you fat?

Steve Pointing Sep 05, 2014

Does watching action movies make you fat?Watching TV is generally blamed as a contributory factor to sedentary lifestyle and pandemic obesity, and whether or not you eat dinner in front of the TV is the single most significant correlate of adult obesity in the USA. New research suggests the focus may need to be on the message as well as … Read More