WANTED – for grandest wildlife experiment ever…

By - Wayne Linklater 07/06/2013

wantedBack by popular demand…

In response to requests after my previous post “Cats indoors Karori… Killing Fields Kelburn”, and yesterdays article by Matt Stewart in the Dominion Post, I have devised the following 5 question survey…

Click here to take survey

to find out how people would like to be involved in New Zealand’s grandest ever wildlife experiment – communities doing it for themselves to ask and answer the important questions.

Would you trap rats or possum, or weasels and stoats in your backyard, or keep your cat indoors for a year? You could do all, some or just one.

Would you like to count birds, find nests, track small mammals, plant refuges for skinks in your backyard?

Perhaps some of you are already doing these things?

You can take the survey by visiting this website: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SD3FQWQ,

or you can

email me: wlinklater@berkeley.edu

Tweet at me: @EcologyVictoria

or comment on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RestorationEcology

to let me know what you think.


I will be posting an anonymous summary of the survey here when it is complete.

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