Cat-erwaul in New Zealand, Australia does better

By - Wayne Linklater 14/06/2013

They beat us again. The Australians have outperformed and out manoeuvred us. It feels worse this time because they didn’t show us up on the sports field where brute force and ignorance count. They bettered us in the conduct of civil debate, topical and investigative journalism, and good government. Australia might be the ‘lucky country’ not for any good fortune, but because it is also the smarter country.

While New Zealand’s caterwaul about domestic cats and native wildlife reached fever-pitch, Australians just quietly got down to business and did it right.

InsightI recommend conservationists and cat-lovers watch the program Eradicat from Insight of the Special Broadcasting Service, Australia.

The guests on the program capture the diversity of people and perspectives on the debate from cat lovers, rescuers and protection societies, the RSPCA, conservationists, and local government. The journalism and media are superb. It is expertly facilitated discussion from passionate people who care about cats and wildlife.

The competency of Australians in this debate extends to their local governments who are much more engaged in solutions for cat-lovers and conservation. The Australian RSPCA had a more conciliatory, informed, and pragmatic engagement with the topic too. Even the standard of on-line comment is exceptional.

See the program here.

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