Weathering Fights & Science – what’s it up to?

By Jennifer Nickel 28/10/2011

For those who like a little humour to go with the news… there is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Wednesday’s “Weathering Fights” episode tackles the biggest climate change story of the week… the BEST (Berkley Earth Surface Temperature) study; already addressed earlier in the week by Gareth’s post and Science Media Centre coverage.

At 0:50 he recaps Climategate … by 2:50 he gets to the BEST study… and at 3:50 comes his main point – that considering how much noise was made about Climategate it might have been nice for its debunking to get a little more coverage on American cable TV news!

Following this, he launches into the next segment titled “Science – what’s it up to?” which takes the mickey out of yet more US republicans that believe scientists are evil and in it to get rich and that all their ‘peers’ are in on it too… considering such claims, I’m suprised there’s no #OccupyLaboratory organised yet!

Humour sticking up for Scientists! 🙂

Another segment of this show profiles Lisa Randall’s new book “Knocking on Heavens Door: how science illuminates the modern world” – check it out here.