My curiosity of everything can’t be tamed

By Jennifer Nickel 07/05/2012

So… time for a revamp of this blog, to match the revamp of my life.

I’ve been quite inactive and erratic (blog post-wise) in the past because I had no idea what I was doing!  There was lots of interesting stuff to share, but I had no theme!  I was a young recently graduated scientist who, in hindsight, just happened to study genetics because it was a new and exciting field… then applied it to seahorses because they needed some attention (and are just plain cool creatures! and the project promised  scuba diving!!)… oh and then somehow ended up in a Cancer Research lab.  All the while I wondered ‘what actually excites me?’

This world has so many exciting discoveries turning over, and so many options are possible (worldwide at least – in NZ a little luck may be needed for a newbie with a shiny new MSc in biology)… so how to pick?

Well, it took some time for me to figure out but I now know (and can admit) that I simply enjoy being a generalist!  My curiosity of everything can’t be tamed.  I love knowing a little bit about lots of things and spending my time thinking about holistic big picture kind of stuff.

This has led me me to the field of sustainability; the thing humanity must achieve to escape the current (well documented) convergence of our ever increasing demand for resources and  resource depletions.  This year I am studying towards a Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice (Otago Polytechnic) and as I learn I’ll share some of the things that might be of interest to you on this blog actively and regularly  🙂

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  • I’m glad you found your way and wish you the best on it. Looking forward to seeing your posts!

  • A wise man once said: know something about everything, and everything about something.
    The latter can wait, I’m interested in everything too!