Play Pounamu

By Jennifer Nickel 07/06/2012

Whilst Pounamu was instigated as a nationwide game to attract ideas in regards to what could happen if New Zealanders were more scientifically literate (my interpretation), it looks as if it is turning into a thought-outlet for all of the ideas that New Zealanders have for managing our resources and activities better (i.e. in a more sustainable way).

The positive imagination cards featured are heavily trending towards the eco-friendly and people-friendly.  Look at it, there are many people in New Zealand that care about our environment (no logical surprise really, as it allows us to LIVE!) and their ability for people to meet their needs (again no surprise, as this makes us HAPPY!)

We all just want to live and be happy, don’t we?

Have a look, have a go… play here.

The game is a great invention. It allows people to post ideas and to follow and develop them collaboratively.  x number of minds are better than one, right?

We all have excess capacity of ideas and now Pounamu is giving us a common platform to share and develop them… I’d love it to feature an ‘action’ section and be here to stay.