Video contests are fun!

By Jennifer Nickel 23/07/2012

I really enjoy video contests on the internet! Videos are such a great communication tool!

There was one recently by Sir Richard Branson.  He crowdsourced ideas on how to ‘Screw business as usual‘ – an action follow-up to his book release.  For a sustainability nut like me it’s so inspiring to watch others go to the trouble of making a video to communicate what they believe in.  I’ve tried it once or twice and found it’s pretty hard work!

The internet is full of video contests, but just for Sciblogs readers I wanted to mention one that has recently closed to entries and is now open for voting.  It is run by Project Reason; they like running this competition each year to stimulate critical thinking.  If you are interested to see the finalists videos, click here.  I had a quick look and I like the ones at the bottom of the page better, but hats off to everyone who made one none the less.

If anyone reading this happens to be a secondary or tertiary student and is really into science it is worth knowing that the Comvita Science Challenge is on again.  Basically, it involves making a 3 minute video on how some healthy food ingredient(s) impact health.  Go on, check it out. Or, if you just want to watch more videos go see last years winners.