The root cause of unsustainability?

By Jennifer Nickel 09/08/2012

First of all, a thank you to Bryan Walker for reflecting on Bill McKibben’s recent Rolling Stone article in which he names the fossil-fuel industry (his major focus) as rogue and public enemy number one.  Since the writing is so stark it takes some reflecting and it is nice to get to see others doing so too.

In this post I’d like to build on the concept.  It’s by no means new, but I often like to bind a few links together in a blog – you may have noticed this.  I also like to keep my posts short, so I’ll only mention my biggest reflections.

Last week I came across a YouTube video titled ‘John Perkins on Globalisation‘.  John Perkins is best known as the author of the book ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’.   He is essentially telling the same (but broader) story, that some of the big industries (his major focus is ‘engineering’ firms) are rogue and public enemy number one for anyone interested in a more sustainably operating world.

Then, I came across another documentary called ‘Blue Gold: World Water Wars‘, which I’ll comment on further in my next post.  Same underlying story.  Big industry (this time the kind that likes to invest in water) putting pressure on governments to privatise the most vital of resources so it will be under their control.  Strike you as wannabe rogue and public enemy number one?

All three of these links are more or less claiming that we are currently living in the times of a Corporatocracy.  If this is the case (I am a biologist – perhaps a different type of scientist would like to test the theory?) then I am not as surprised any more by all the disappointing lack of progress at the national government level.

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