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Daily aspirin for preventing cancer and heart disease – where to from here in NZ?

Public Health Expert Sep 18, 2014

Associate Professor Nick Wilson, Professor Tony Blakely A recently published review has quantified the estimated benefits and harms of taking regular aspirin for disease prevention. The results indicate a relatively favourable benefit-to-harm ratio (good for preventing various cancers and heart … Continue reading → … Read More

That old chestnut again – does any alcohol consumption reduce cardiovascular disease risk? More evidence for “no”.

Public Health Expert Aug 11, 2014

Professor Tony Blakely, Associate Professor Nick Wilson, Professor John Attia (University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute, Australia) Many observational studies suggest that moderate alcohol consumption reduces cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. The so-called J-shaped curve. We summarised the ‘state … Continue reading → … Read More