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Should NZ spend relatively more health resources on improving men’s health?

Public Health Expert Mar 13, 2014

Associate Professor Nick Wilson There is no doubt that NZ needs to keep addressing ethnic inequalities in health as an important priority. Nevertheless, gender inequalities may also be worth some consideration given that NZ men have lower life expectancy than … Continue reading → … Read More

Action needed to halt New Zealand’s obesity epidemic: Themes from Big Food Symposium

Public Health Expert Feb 19, 2014

Associate Professor Louise Signal International and national public health experts and delegates met on Monday this week to consider how to address New Zealand’s (NZ’s) increasing obesity epidemic. While they welcome the new Healthy Families NZ community-based initiative recently announced … Continue reading → … Read More

Obesity at last on Government agenda, but will Healthy Families NZ be good enough ?

Public Health Expert Feb 07, 2014

Professor Boyd Swinburn, Professor of Population Nutrition and Global Health, University of Auckland, and, Co-Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention, Deakin University The Government announced the Healthy Families NZ initiative to tackle our escalating obesity crisis. It will be … Continue reading → … Read More

Thoughts on NZ Adopting an Aussie Community Health Programme … and Forthcoming Nutrition Policy Events

Public Health Expert Feb 04, 2014

Professor Tony Blakely and Associate Professor Nick Wilson Late last year Health Minister Tony Ryall visited Victoria, Australia, to examine their “Healthy Together Victoria” programme. This week, the Prime Minister announced that NZ will adopt this programme, and it will … Continue reading → … Read More

New US Surgeon General’s Report – Ideas for new tobacco health warnings on packs or are different messages required?

Public Health Expert Jan 30, 2014

Associate Professor Nick Wilson, Professor Janet Hoek, Professor Tony Blakely The recently released US Surgeon General’s report gives “sufficient” evidence of causality for 13 additional health conditions (e.g., colorectal cancer, diabetes, and stroke from secondhand smoke). In this blog post … Continue reading → … Read More

Glass half full: Alcohol’s health benefits for cardiovascular disease still controversial, and likely vary by context

Public Health Expert Jan 21, 2014

Professor Tony Blakely and Associate Professor Nick Wilson It is ‘well known’ that moderate amounts of alcohol are beneficial to cardiovascular health.  But actually in research circles this ‘fact’ is hotly contested. In this blog we will overview the currently … Continue reading → … Read More