Capital: More questions than answers

SciBooks Apr 23, 2014

by Matt Nolan REVIEW: Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty Harvard University Press (2014) RRP: US$39.95 Capital, by Thomas Piketty, is a book that had to be written. Both he, and his translator Arthur Goldhammer, have come together to produce a text that is insightful, interesting, challenging, and clear to the public. I … Read More


Compelling History of National Women’s Hospital

SciBooks Mar 30, 2014

by Heather Clendon REVIEW: The Rise and Fall of National Women’s Hospital – A history by Linda Bryder Auckland University Press. RRP $49.95 When first asked to review this book, I thought it may be a dry and complex read and I, as a retired registered nurse, with no midwifery experience, would have little interest in … Read More


Engrossing, Compassionate Account of Pike River Disaster

SciBooks Mar 17, 2014

by Rod Hanson REVIEW The Tragedy at Pike River Mine – How and Why 29 Men Died by Rebecca Macfie Awa Press RRP: $40.00 The Pike River coal mine disaster which cost the lives of 29 men in November 2010 has been extensively researched and documented with great feeling and compassion for the families involved … Read More

Nothing but science goodness

SciBooks Jan 28, 2014

Reviewed by: Aimee Whitcroft REVIEW: Nothing Edited by: Jeremy Webb (New Scientist) Profile Books Limited, 2013 I’ve read a great many science books over the years, and stacked up against the numerous tomes into which I’ve sunk myself of an afternoon, Nothing has to be one of my favourites.  With chapters by 20 science writers – … Read More

‘Must Read’ for Would-be Science Writers

SciBooks Jan 12, 2014

by Michael Edmonds REVIEW: Field Guide for Science Writers: the official guide of the National Association of Science Writers, 2nd Edition Edited by Deborah Blum, Mary Knudson & Robin Marantz Henig Oxford University Press NZ RRP $36.00 I expected a book containing contributions from over 50 leading science writers to be a good read, … Read More