Molesworth: a story every kiwi should know

SciBooks Nov 13, 2013

Reviewed by Jane Hall REVIEW: Molesworth: Stories from New Zealand’s largest high country station by Harry Broad.  Photographs by Rob Suisted. Craig Potton Publishing RRP: $69.99 The high country stations of the South Island of New Zealand have a mystic appeal to the males in my family:  huge, tough, rough, difficult country, but fascinating. I … Read More

Would more social housing be enough to make homes affordable?

SciBooks Oct 16, 2013

by Peter Ellis REVIEW: Homes People Can Afford: how to improve housing in New Zealand Edited by Sarah Bierre, Philippa Howden-Chapman & Lisa Early Steele Roberts Aotearoa  (for New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities, University of Otago), 2013 RRP $30 Homes people can afford is a timely contribution to the debate on what is to be … Read More

Extinct moa brought to life

SciBooks Oct 09, 2013

Reviewed by George Gibbs REVIEW: Moa: the life and death of New Zealand’s legendary bird by Quinn Berentson. Craig Potton Publishing. 2013. RRP $49.99 Winner  2013 Royal Society of New Zealand Science Book Prize Winner 2013 New Zealand Post Best First Book Non Fiction The bird that fascinated the world ever … Read More

Keepers of natural history

SciBooks Oct 08, 2013

Reviewed by Jim Hefford REVIEW: The Owl that fell from the sky: stories of a museum curator by Brian Gill Awa Press 2012 RRP $35.00 Ebook $11.99 Natural history museums contain many thousands of zoological specimens and each has a tale to tell – often involving extraordinary people, daring explorations, unquenchable scientific curiosity, and strange coincidences.” Such … Read More


Goat glands, greed and gullibility

SciBooks Oct 01, 2013

by Alison Campbell REVIEW: Charlatan: America’s Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam by Pope Brock Three Rivers Press, New York, USA (2008) Paperback: 324 pages ISBN: 978-0-307-33989-8 RRP: US$14.95 Goat glands, greed, and the gullibility of others turned out to be a winning combination for John R. Read More

A new book with attitude – but also strong science

SciBooks Sep 30, 2013

by Tony Blakely REVIEW: Appetite for Destruction: Food – the good, the bad and the fatal by Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmons Public Interest Publishing, October 2013 RRP $35 Gareth Morgan is known as a smart economist and a bit of a stirrer of public debate. Think domestic cat control to save birds. Think “Big … Read More


Blockbuster will appeal to serious birders

SciBooks Sep 25, 2013

Reviewed by Alison Ballance REVIEW: Birds of New Zealand: a photographic guide by Paul Scofield and Brent Stephenson Auckland University Press 2013 RRP $59.99 Like many New Zealanders I take a strong interest in our country’s natural history, and if you’re talking about our terrestrial vertebrate fauna then you’re pretty much talking about birds. My bookshelves … Read More


Introducing SciBooks – the place for science book reviews

Peter Griffin Sep 24, 2013

Here at Sciblogs our bloggers are voracious readers of science books and have contributed dozens of book reviews over the years. Often a book review becomes more than just a critique of an author’s work. It opens up discussion about scientific concepts, or even sparks heated debate. This is what a good book should do, as well as entertaining and … Read More