Farewell for now

By Rebecca McLeod 01/02/2011

You may have noticed that I have been a complete slacker with Science <-> Life lately. It seems life just keeps getting in the way and unfortunately the first thing to suffer has been my blogging efforts. I am about to go on maternity leave (less science, more life!) and so feel that now is the right time to shelve the blogging.

I have really enjoyed this experience – a chance to write in a more relaxed style than I am used to, and a great excuse to read some science articles beyond those that I follow for work. Huge thanks to the SciBlogs team for your support, guidance and encouragement – you’re doing a great job!

So, bye for now and thanks for reading!


0 Responses to “Farewell for now”

  • It was a pleasure reading your posts, Rebecca, and we hope to have you back sometime!

  • I loved reading your posts when you found time to write them but there is only so many things a person can juggle, eh? Maybe I’ll bump into you with the little one around town one day! Good luck with mothering 🙂

  • Hi Rebecca,
    what a shame I have only stumbled across your blog just after you have called it a day….some great posts and thoughts on meshing science and media, – I hope you pick it up again in the future, but having ‘2 under 2’ myself I can understand your issues with time management!!

    • Thanks for your comments Dave – I have just had a look at your liquid action films website and wow! You sure lead an exciting life. Best wishes, Rebecca