Hand drawn chart of aftershock intensity

By Chris McDowall 06/09/2010

Mike Dickison, from the excellent Pictures of Numbers information design blog, has been working with GeoNet’s seismic data. This morning Mike asked the Internet “has anyone produced a graph of all the aftershocks and their intensity over the past two days?” It seemed that nobody had, so he created his own … by hand.

The figure below is a scanned copy of Mike’s bar graph of aftershocks following the large quake. Note the tall line at the far left of the chart. That is not the Y axis – that’s the big one.

A chart created with actual graph paper is a rare and wonderful thing. This made my day.

2010 Christchurch earthquakes aftershocks

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  • I always understood the Richter Scale to be exponential. As such should there be equal spacing on the Y axis?

  • It is logarithmic; there should be equal spacing on the Y axis but moving one point feels a lot stronger. I put together another plot (looking more like a time series) here.

  • I asked a question yesterday about possible “strings” of earthquakes being seen in a movie. Heh. I have to say, looks like strings or clusters to me occuring in there! I realise one has to be careful about randomness V clustering ….but…It will be interesting to see the movie!

    • @Dave. Very nice. R is such a great package. I would love to see any more stuff that you do.

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    Dear Mike, I have been looking for a graph like this all week – have you found, or can you do another one for the rest of the week, or tell us how to get the data – geonet and christchurchquake only show some of the data at once.