Two Christchurch quake animations

By Chris McDowall 08/09/2010

A quick post to note that Paul Nicholls has created a nice animation of the Christchurch Quake Map. He’s representing several variables at once. In addition to location and time, he depicts both magnitude (circle size) and depth (circle colour) while providing a running textual report of seismic events. It is well worth checking out.

Christchurch Quake Map

I started creating my own animated map on Tuesday morning. You can see my experiment here. I am happy with how the information is presented but unfortunately I do not have the time this week to take it any futher (e.g. adding time controls, refining layout, handle mobile devices). In the interests of pushing the Christchurch quake map site forward, I have shared my code with Paul.

A screenshot from the quick earthquake animation test I made. Click the image to see the animation.
A screenshot from my quick earthquake animation experiment. Click the image to see the animation.

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  • Leave your comment here…We are feeling earthquakes but the radius shown on your map does not show them in Akaroa. Can you explain this? Thanks

  • @Helen Sure thing. Each of the animations above positions a circle on the quake’s epicentre and scales that circle according to the magnitude of the event (i.e. “how much energy was released?”).

    However, the maps do not show how far away the quakes could be felt. This is more complicated to calculate and represent. GeoNet have some useful resources though. For example, here is an interactive map of people who reported feeling the 7.1 quake ( ) and here is GeoNet’s prediction of where the earthquake is likely to have been felt ( ).

    I hope that makes sense. Let me know if this is unclear.

  • Gidday and thanks for your cool stuff and sharing Paul’s too… would you have an explanation for the loss of Geonet data for the three deep quakes in the area roughly between Lincoln and CHCH on the 4th and 5th Sept? Also have you found that Paul’s time lapse no longer shows the Wed afternoon Kaikoura quakes that were there earlier today( Thursday)? My daughters and I very much appreciate all your guys’ work.

    • @Mike. Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure if I can answer this question. Paul has his contact details on his webpage – the best course of action might be to ask him what happened to the quakes.

  • Hi
    @ Helen
    when we have an earthquake the afterparts move so when say like lyttleton has one the vibartions move so you would feel them as well just not as bad

    Hope this helps