Animating Auckland’s public transport network – Take Two

By Chris McDowall 04/08/2011

In late January I created an animation of Auckland’s public transport network with data from the MAXX Auckland transport Google transit feed. As I noted in the post, there were several issues with the video. I carved out a little time this week to revise the animation and I am happy with the progress. The new video is embedded below.

There is a lot of detail in this animation. It’s best viewed in high definition with fullscreen mode on.

[vimeo width=”680″ height=”383″][/vimeo]

Version Two distinguishes between buses (teal), ferries (blue) and trains (red). I also tidied some of the more obvious errors with the ferry route geometry data. This involved manually tweaking the route geometries stored in the transit feed “shapes.txt” table for many of the ferries. I still need to adjust a few (I’m looking at you, Rangitoto Island). I have not corrected the bus data. The main issue with bus data are the erroneous harbour crossings from the North Shore to the Auckland CBD.

Next week I will provide an overview of how the animation was created.

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