Canterbury Earthquake Update: Aftershocks ‘exactly what we expected’

By Jesse Dykstra 27/01/2011

Source: The Press

In a recent Press Opinion piece, earthquake and tectonic expert Dr. Kevin Furlong explained the distribution of aftershocks following the Darfield earthquake, and why we shouldn’t be surprised by what we have learned, and felt, so far. His article can be viewed by clicking the following link:  Dr Furlong, Opinion piece.

Kevin Furlong is a Professor of Geosciences at Penn State University, and is currently a visiting Erskine Fellow at the University of Canterbury. Dr. Furlong was in Canterbury on the 4th of September, 2010, and was one of the first scientists in the field after the magnitude 7.1 earthquake. Dr. Furlong’s public lecture after the earthquake was attended by hundreds of people, as was a subsequent lecture by University of Canterbury Geological Sciences Professor Dr. Mark Quigley. Both lectures may be linked here:

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  • Dang! thats not cool, i say that people should not build near water, or where earthquakes are known, its to much of a risk i live in the midwest and its fine up here, people should move away from water!!! so we can prevent so many deaths!! but i guess we have no choice since we have limited land mass, but still theres crap we could change GET OFF OF ISLANDS lol leave it unhabitable, to much crap happesn, like earthquakes, Hurricanes, flooding and etc. jus saying

  • I have been trying to work out things by joining the dots. I have noticed that a large underwater valley from the Hikurangi Trench, north of Banks Peninsula lines up with the fault line above?