Front Row Seat to the Japanese Tsunami

By Jesse Dykstra 30/09/2011

The 11 March 2011 earthquake and resulting tsunami in northeastern Japan caused nearly 30,000 deaths and damaged over 125,000 buildings. The Pacific plate shifted by up to 20 m, over a fault-rupture length of 300-400 km. The tsunami waves caused by this displacement overwhelmed Japanese tsunami defences (some tsunami walls were over 10 m high), in part because coastal areas sunk by up to 2 m following the earthquake.

This video of the tsunami was taken by a dashboard camera in a car that was presumably abandoned on the road. It’s a different perspective. The currents & debris seem to swirl around and come from different directions, perhaps as new wave fronts conflict with receding waters. How terrifying, especially for those trapped in or on top of floating cars.

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  • That is truly horrendous. Especially the end – presumably the vehicle got washed into a building of some sort. I just hope that the driver and any passengers managed to get out because there was one car visible where it didn’t look like they did.