How Narcissistic are You?

By Darcy Cowan 17/02/2011

Haven’t posted anything for a while, I’m wrapped up in the warm embrace of procrastination. Thought this was interesting though and an easy post. Take the online Narcissism test.

Despite all evidence to the contrary I only scored a 4. If you score greater than 20 you probably have a mirror in your pocket right now.

Some quiz answering music for you….

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    • I wonder if we might find a trend among the science types around here. I’d be interested to know if anyone scores highly.

  • @David, good question! the averages I found (about 17) were for american subjects. I wonder if there are stats on effect of nationality, Interesting.

  • Found this study that might answer some questions. Haven’t read it fully yet but here’s the abstract:

    The present investigation examined associations among narcissism, age, ethnicity, world region,
    and gender, using a large (n ¼ 3445) sample of participants representing several different
    world regions and ethnicities. The results suggest that (1) reported narcissism declines in older
    participants, (2) consistent with previous findings, males report being more narcissistic than
    females, (3) that ethnic differences in reported narcissism are generally comparable to those
    found in the self-esteem literature, and (4) that world region appears to exert influence on narcissism,
    with participants from more individualistic societies reporting more narcissism. The
    results are discussed in terms of how age and culture might impact narcissism and how future
    research might address this topic.

  • Personally, the questions seem too weak to me. There are some that I can’t answer properly as the correct answer is more nuanced than the two extremes on offer. It’s also too easy to spot what questions will lower your score! 🙂

    I get 2-6(+) depending on how I answer the questions that don’t have appropriate responses.

    It might differ in countries that are more entrepreneurial?

  • From the study:

    A set of comparisons revealed that
    both White participants (M = 14:8; SD = 6:8) and Asian participants
    (M = 14:9; SD = 6:5) reported being slightly, but significantly (p’s < .05) less narcissistic
    than both Black participants (M = 16:7; SD = 6:5) and Hispanic participants
    (M = 16:5; SD = 6:4).

    less variation than I expected, comparitively large SDs though.

  • There you go then: I’m ‘older’ & also female – low score explained 🙂