Rugby World Cup Hype

By Darcy Cowan 29/06/2011

I try not to just post videos but I was reminded of this skit when contemplating an ad for the highly priced (and prized) RWC 2011 tickets, and remarks over it being an “Historic Event”.

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0 Responses to “Rugby World Cup Hype”

  • You are really asking for it, aren’t you?

    You are meant to believe that holding the RWC in New Zealand is the defining moment of the nation.

    It would be sad if any of us actually believed that, would it not?

  • I am totally asking for it, I considered adding the post script :”Let the vilification begin”.

    Being one for whom sport does not appeal in the slightest I do risk being labelled “not a real man” but yes, it would be sad if we truly believed the hype.

  • One of the bits of rhetoric that really ticks me off is the whole ‘stadium of 4 million people’ thing. aaargh!

  • We had to completely rearrange our teaching year in 2011 because of the Rugby World Cup (school holidays were moved to coincide with it)
    I was not impressed with whoever the bureaucrat who decided this was a good idea!

  • Alison, hadn’t heard that one; bleech.

    Michael, will the madness never end?? 😛

    FYI, typing “rugby world cup who..” into google, the second suggested search is “cares”.

  • From august, schools will use 30% of their time teaching children about the history of rugby, world cups and to construct giant statues of visiting players. The remaining 70% will allow children to practice the valuable art of pick-pocketing or, for the advanced children, scamming, scheming and general fraudulent behaviour, to be carried out at the base of these statues which foreigners will worship like gods. This would provide valuable income for this country to supplement the money that will be made in the future as a direct result of this nation-defining event.

    A new dawn of reverence will arrive, no longer will New Zealand be known for Lord of the Rings or those ‘Conchord guys’. Generations from now, people will look back on the era with great fondness and wistfully wish to return the time of the golden generation and its spectacular spectacles that defined the prosperity of the greatest country on earth.

  • Huh! & did you see the bit in this morning’s NZ Herald, whereby the Lords of Rugby have advised that on the day of the opening match schools should have a teacher-only day (to keep kids off the streets) & workers should leave work early to avoid traffic congestion & make sure it doesn’t take them forever to get home. Just to be sure that we know where our priorities lie…

  • Won’t a teacher only day put all the kids ON the streets? Are parents supposed to take the day off to look after them?

    Who makes these decisions?

  • Presumably the kids will be on different streets? Not on their way to or from school I guess.

    Still, doesn’t seem like a genius suggestion.

  • I would like to think that the schools will simply ignore them & continue teaching. Bad enough that all the teachers I know are complaining about the impact this tournament will have on the lead-up to NCEA exams: kids on holiday, 2 weeks back at school, & then off again for the exams!

    Michael: yes, the timing is a pain in other ways. The changes in school holidays have totally stuffed venues for things like the subject-based secondary science teachers’ conferences: Biolive was to have been held at Auckland Uni but of course, now the dates fall in the uni teaching semester so shifted to a local high school.

    I couldn’t understand the need for wholesale changes in school terms. Yes, Key et al argued that it meant kids could go to The Big Final, but for goodness’ sake, that’s in Auckland. Most kids south of the Bombay Hills wouldn’t get a look-in (even if they or their parents could afford the tickets). Even most Auckland school students won’t have the option! So what’s the point?