Evolution — The Story of Life

Darcy Cowan Oct 03, 2009

I was sitting at my computer this morning wondering if I would suddenly be inspired with a topic to write about or whether I would resort to my default setting of abject sloth. Then inspiration did strike, in a way, my copy of “Evolution – The Story of Life” arrived by courier. Written by Douglas [...] … Read More

Harriet’s Toolbox

Darcy Cowan Sep 26, 2009

Harriet Hall of the Science Based Medicine Blog gave a talk at the Skeptic’s Toolbox workshop at the University of Oregon in August. The power point slides for this talk are now up on the Skeptics Toolbox website for all of us to benefit from. Head over there and check it out, the talk was [...] … Read More

Measles Outbreak

Darcy Cowan Aug 07, 2009

There was a story in the NZ Herald this week regarding a Measles outbreak in Auckland and the response to this event by the Powers That Be. Whether or not the action taken (keeping unvaccinated children at home following possible contact with carriers)  is correct, either practically or ethically is a question that will be endlessly discussed [...] … Read More

Vitamins and Exercise

Darcy Cowan Jul 31, 2009

I think it’s safe to say that in recent years the push to “Become Healthier” has become much stronger than it was previously. Statistics like 1/4 of New Zealand adults are obese and New Zealand being the “3rd Fattest” country in the world are used to promote a lifestyle that is aimed at making us [...] … Read More