The heart of the matter, and a matter of the heart, is design by intention

By Peter Kerr 01/10/2013

Seeing as on the design side of things I’m more in the ‘I know when it works, I just don’t know how to do it properly’ camp…here’s a plug to the UX Design Day.

UX stands for User Experience – a customer-oriented view of whatever it is you’re offering.

This is happening on October 10 at Shed 6 in Wellington – and part of the reason to give it a boost is (as you’d hope and expect) the great website and more they’ve created.

Again, based on great design, they extracted half an hour of my time clicking through some of their 60 useful design resources. In case you can’t decide which of these to further browse, there’s even an option to play resource roulette!

Here’s what the organisers say about the one day, $150 event (which in the scheme of conferences is pretty good value it strikes me).

UX Design words, jpeg

Knowing that I don’t know much or enough about design, and that my son’s about to embark on (as yet undecided exactly what) design-oriented tertiary education, I’m looking forward to finding out more about the whole subject.

It’s a big gap in my understanding – and, apparently, you’re never too old to learn.

They’ve even included a ‘Convince your boss’ page. It takes you to a single page explanation/justification, with a box in the top left hand corner to put your name into. Very cool and clever.