By Peter Kerr 08/09/2015

Perhaps it could be called an intersection of printing.

So, call it collaboration; a generally increasing awareness of additive manufacturing; or both Victoria University and the National Library’s desire to be more public – but a series of talks on 3D printing is to be commended as an attempt to bring an understanding to a wider audience.

The third of six talks on ‘3D Printed Futures’ takes place tomorrow (Sept 9) at the National Library, Molesworth St.

These are mostly short talks by VUW design students, and outlines much of the development to date of being able to make stuff yourself (provided you have the right design).

Alex Buckman, Victoria University design student talks at the National Library about a lampshade he had made by 3D printing at Shapeways

The Library’s also set up a few 3D printers itself, that people are welcome to use, provided it is in .STL format, though .OBJ will also work.

The collaboration’s an interesting mix – old and new, testing boundaries, looking to a digital future…and how all of us are going to be impacted by it.

The Wednesday Sept 9 (at 12.30) talk is on 3D printing in medical research.

Check out the Nat Library’s event page here for the next three lectures.

While you’re there, also check out some of the Library’s other displays – they’re treasures that not many people know about.