Startups get a scientific methodology = a simplifying strategy

Peter Kerr Apr 26, 2012

Webfund chairman, entrepreneur and supporter of startups Dave Moskovitz gave his review of Eric Ries book, ‘The Lean Startup’ at a lunchtime meeting at Wellington’s Southern Cross hotel recently. Ex-pat American Moskovitz brought back a few copies of the book … Continue reading → … Read More

Dear David, please give us more than science and innovation platitudes

Peter Kerr Apr 24, 2012

Dear David (Shearer), I’m afraid, if you’re trying to outflank National on the science and innovation front, you’re going to have to do much better than your speech to the NZ Association of Scientists (see speech here) on April 16. … Continue reading → … Read More


Our internet-inspired impatience is only getting worse

Peter Kerr Apr 19, 2012

There’s a fair number of (mostly ignored) requests to link and/or ‘write about us’ emails received by sticK. However Tony Shin tweaked an interest in the subject line, ‘A quick question about Instant Gratification’. He in turn linked through to … Continue reading → … Read More


Stop trying to Aucklandise our science and innovation

Peter Kerr Apr 17, 2012

At the risk of displaying a Wellington-residential and Southland upbringing bias, the government’s keenness for an Aucklandisation of our science and innovation strikes me as being stupid. In particular, the push to make (force even) the development of the former … Continue reading → … Read More


Nope, we’re not going to hell in a handcart

Peter Kerr Apr 12, 2012

The refreshingly upbeat Mark Stevenson breezed through Wellington just before Easter, giving his take on why the world’s NOT going to hell in a handcart. The author of ‘An optimist’s tour of the future’, Stevenson’s been accused by some of … Continue reading → … Read More


IP ownership change spurs new wool research

Peter Kerr Apr 10, 2012

As agriculture’s orphan child, laden with centuries of tradition and structure, coarse wool has recently exhibited a refreshing turn of mind to attempt to spin a new future. The realisation that wool industry participants weren’t interested in co-investing in generic … Continue reading → … Read More

ACC and Ministry of Health: winners in patent battle over computerised healthcare information ‘connectivity’ invention

Peter Kerr Apr 05, 2012

By guest blogger, Doug Calhoun Throughout the debate on the patenting of software, a battle has been quietly percolating under the radar over a NZ patent application (NZ525001) that has touched upon just about every issue in the software patent … Continue reading → … Read More

Developers invited to a northern hemisphere ‘Summer of Code’

Peter Kerr Apr 01, 2012

A couple of New Zealand based businesses are in on the wider opportunity for New Zealand-based trainee coders to gain invaluable experience (and pay) through Google’s Summer of Code. University students in New Zealand will have a unique opportunity to … Continue reading → … Read More