Coarse wool’s new course weaving a different path

Peter Kerr Mar 27, 2012

New Zealand’s forgotten fibre’s doing its best to get itself off the mat. Coarse wool’s course over the past five decades has been almost unremittingly down – both in price and perception. There’s been numerous, mostly ill-fated, attempts to reverse … Continue reading → … Read More

Optimising autoimmune treatment patent invalid: a ‘Law of Nature’ is not a law passed by Congress

Peter Kerr Mar 23, 2012

By guest blogger Doug Calhoun On 20 March the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) issued a decision unanimously allowing an appeal by the Mayo Clinic and declaring invalid two patents that a lower court had found Mayo to … Continue reading → … Read More


Farming’s unfashionable, but there’s a simple fix to make it sexy

Peter Kerr Mar 22, 2012

There are huge gains to be made in pastoral farming productivity if the average performers started doing what the top 25% do according to MAF in its Briefing to Incoming Ministers. That would increase exports by $3 billion a year, … Continue reading → … Read More


The Patents Bill: Please leave it alone until the super ministry is sorted

Peter Kerr Mar 16, 2012

Guest blog by Doug Calhoun The new Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, which will combine Economic Development, Science and Innovation, Labour, and Building and Housing, attracted the usual headlines about job losses and efficiency dividends: (see here). But beyond … Continue reading → … Read More


Mass customisation really does mean it is all about you

Peter Kerr Mar 15, 2012

It’s difficult to predict where the confluence of trends like 3-D printing, mass customisation and the social web will end up. But, just as the publishing and music industries got democratised (or destroyed, depending on your point of view) by … Continue reading → … Read More

Give us something simple Steven, and also create an S&I council

Peter Kerr Mar 13, 2012

As one who cut his business teeth in commercial radio, super-minister Steven Joyce will know better than most about the importance of appealing to peoples’ hearts and minds. Now, Mr Joyce may be formulating a super science and innovation plan … Continue reading → … Read More


Science embraced: patent policy merits a brief mention

Peter Kerr Mar 07, 2012

Another guest blog by IP mentor, Doug Calhoun The McGuinness Institute is to be congratulated on its exhaustive analysis of science in New Zealand, “Report 9: Science Embraced: Government-funded Science Under the Microscope”: The report will no doubt generate considerable … Continue reading → … Read More