‘Facing your fears’ the unspoken part of a start-up — Dave ten Have

Peter Kerr Mar 06, 2012

Ponoko co-founder Dave ten Have fronted up to Unlimited Potential’s ‘Tech Founders Blast Talks’ in mid-February with some extremely frank and honest comments. It’s ten Have’s second internet-based start-up, with Wellington-originated, globally-operating Ponoko being a bit of poster child for … Continue reading → … Read More

‘Ordered anarchy’ delivers creative projects at better value

Peter Kerr Mar 01, 2012

At first blush, a business with no bosses as such, run on a democratic basis where participants opt in on projects would seem a recipe for a disaster. Yet, 30-month old Wellington collective (if that’s the correct term), with an … Continue reading → … Read More


Gene patent debate in Australia — into injury time?

Peter Kerr Feb 29, 2012

A guest blog – Doug Calhoun’s recent sticK blog on potentially crippling effects of intended patent law changes (see here) encouraged some healthy discussion (including on SciBlogs). In the interests of helping to ensure that upcoming legislation gets it right … Continue reading → … Read More


The Vikings changed culture as well as institutions

Peter Kerr Feb 23, 2012

Help…. the Viking’s coming; at least Knud Erik Hilding-Hamann was at the Ministry of Science & Innovation. The Danish Technical Institute’s head of its Centre for Technology Partnership, and is out to give some of the good oil on how … Continue reading → … Read More

Do Patents Really Have Nothing to do With Innovation?

Peter Kerr Feb 16, 2012

A guest blog – Doug Calhoun’s recent comments, here and here, on the potential fate of NZ IP law encouraged sticK to ask Doug to write more fully As Stephen Joyce, the new minister both of science and innovation and … Continue reading → … Read More


Europe’s big picture research funding backs individual, not institution

Peter Kerr Feb 14, 2012

As science and innovation minister looks to further enhance policy he’s no doubt well aware any changes will have to be kiwi-centric. It is not geographically, economically or culturally feasible to wholesale adopt what’s worked in other countries and jury-rig … Continue reading → … Read More

Minister Joyce has the opportunity to redefine ‘failure’

Peter Kerr Feb 09, 2012

Apparently, new super minister Steven Joyce (Minister of Science & Innovation, Economic Development and Tertiary Education, Skills & Employment), likes to dive deep into details of a new role or portfolio, before surfacing with a strategic direction. So, as he … Continue reading → … Read More


A cracker trap minds its own business

Peter Kerr Feb 02, 2012

The guys at goodnature have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making and perfecting their resetting and toxin free pest trap since establishing in 2005. Sure, they’ve received half a million dollars from DOC’s innovation fund, and a bit of … Continue reading → … Read More