Kiwis have to learn to identify and kill bad ideas — Dorenda Britten

Peter Kerr Jan 24, 2012

An unwillingness to rigorously evaluate and kill weak ideas is but one indication that many New Zealand companies don’t fully understand the role of design in taking products and services to market. The managing director of designindustry Ltd, Dorenda Britten, … Continue reading → … Read More

Innovation’s not easy…and there’s other ways to get value from it

Peter Kerr Jan 19, 2012

According to a couple of intellectual property commercialisation experts doing a mini road trip late last year; a) we’re doing it completely wrong, and b) realise that patents can be sold and/or licensed. Paul Adams of Auckland-based EverEdge IP says … Continue reading → … Read More


Gluckman tells Auckland to get cracking

Peter Kerr Jan 17, 2012

In giving a push/shove as Auckland as an innovation or knowledge city, chief science advisor Sir Peter Gluckman reckons the country could expect area like industrial design and digital and media research to have a high presence. In his ‘Auckland … Continue reading → … Read More


Labour lobs science and innovation agenda at National — watch out Steven Joyce!

Peter Kerr Dec 22, 2011

Among the (little) talk of Labour’s shadow cabinet line-up, one small fact’s escaped general notice. New Opposition leader David Shearer has retained the Science & Innovation portfolio. Excellent. This is the first time since the 1930s that either the Prime … Continue reading → … Read More


Ahoy me hearties; an offshore way around America’s green card requirements?

Peter Kerr Dec 15, 2011

Partly because they were cheeky enough to ask, and partly because it is such a wild idea, here’s a plug for would-be entrepreneurial pirates. Along similar lines to Radio Hauraki, way back in the 1960s beating the then broadcasting laws … Continue reading → … Read More

Stalking horse comments on innovative Auckland — Gluckman

Peter Kerr Dec 13, 2011

There’s a certain amount of stalking horse-ishness to Sir Peter Gluckman’s recent ‘Auckland conversation’ (formerly known as Mayoral Conversations; speakers of repute). As the chief science advisor, Gluckman’s past kite-flying thoughts on research and other matters have generally preceded government … Continue reading → … Read More


Prime Minister as prime innovator — get going on #13

Peter Kerr Dec 01, 2011

We probably shouldn’t be surprised that amongst all the next to ‘do’s’ from the incoming National-led government, the one with the greatest potential to be a game changer, has been ignored by most of the media. Issues of teapots are … Continue reading → … Read More


Report brings facts for the fluffy functional foods and nutraceuticals industries

Peter Kerr Nov 22, 2011

You have to give Coriolis top marks for what it has come up with in its food report for the Ministry of Economic Development on ‘Nutraceuticals & Foods for Health’. This paper hovers between information and knowledge, with enough observations … Continue reading → … Read More