Bright Ideas Challenge feels like it’s already permanent

Peter Kerr Nov 10, 2011

Perhaps the best thing coming out of what is only the second Bright Ideas Challenge just completed by Grow Wellington is the sense of permanence it already has. It feels like it is going to hang around. The publicity (and … Continue reading → … Read More


At last, a kick along for high tech and niche manufacturing

Peter Kerr Nov 08, 2011

For a large number of New Zealanders, and (also unfortunately) the media, the announcement of a high-tech transformation of the science sector will be a “so what” experience. For those looking for science and innovation led means to improve the … Continue reading → … Read More

Time to read fine print of manuka research project specs

Peter Kerr Nov 03, 2011

The puller-togetherer of the Manuka Research Partnership Ltd is reading the fine print of the Primary Growth Partnership contract with MAF. Neil Walker has no inside knowledge on whether the consortium’s biggest player, Comvita, will or won’t get taken over … Continue reading → … Read More

Plastics CoE remolds itself into a Polymer Alliance

Peter Kerr Nov 01, 2011

Fittingly, the plastics industry seems to be on the verge of remolding itself and its centre of excellence. This time, for an activity that is known as an ‘enabling industry’, hopefully the model and structure is got right. As a … Continue reading → … Read More

Honey deal not so sweet

Peter Kerr Oct 27, 2011

Sometimes it takes somebody else to bring to light the reason you’re uncomfortable with something. In this case, Wellington’s Vantage Consulting Group director David Miller has unearthed the nub of the challenge underneath the proposed buy-out of manuka honey (and … Continue reading → … Read More

A Wellington and Auckland commercialisation hand-holding proposal more than it seems

Peter Kerr Oct 20, 2011

It’s flown a bit under the radar, and the two organisations will in theory have identified their preferred collaboration model by the end of the year. But, the announcement earlier this month that Industrial Research and UniServices (the University of … Continue reading → … Read More


Where there’s a wool there’s a way F212 presumes

Peter Kerr Oct 18, 2011

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the four new product ideas for use of coarse New Zealand wool that Fahrenheit 212 has come up with is that, as such, the core ideas aren’t new. F212 (see earlier blog here about … Continue reading → … Read More