Will science and innovation ‘Get Carter’?

Peter Kerr Oct 11, 2011

It may be drawing too long a bow, but was David Carter hinting he might have the ministerial portfolio role following National’s (expected) election win? Speaking at a NZ Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Science forum in Wellington last week, … Continue reading → … Read More

Become an ‘authority’ to maximise the benefits of social media for your business — Sisson

Peter Kerr Oct 04, 2011

Social media may seem to many like an over-hyped mess of ceaseless and senseless chatter. But understanding when and how its immediacy and intimacy can and should be part of an integrated marketing strategy will be key to many future … Continue reading → … Read More

Internet games follow the numbers and money

Peter Kerr Sep 29, 2011

CerebralFix, as some might say contradictorily, makes digital games -for smart phones, other peoples’ websites, Facebook, its own website. Its CEO Ben Delleca, speaking at the Rutherford Innovation Showcase’s Digital Content Forum in Wellington on Friday 23 Sept., says the … Continue reading → … Read More

Go digital for dollars — content forum spruiks Kiwi capability

Peter Kerr Sep 27, 2011

The main message from the Rutherford Innovation Showcase Digital Content Forum was that some weightless exports have a fair bit of profit margin attached. The Wellington event on Friday Sept. 23 also heard that, apparently, we (the royal ‘we’ as … Continue reading → … Read More

Agriculture’s ‘failure’ the place to view its next 20 years of success — conference

Peter Kerr Sep 22, 2011

One of the great ironies of the New Zealand economy is that in spite of Knowledge Waves and transformations and biotechnology and any other number of next big things, the powerhouse and backbone has continued to be agriculture and horticulture. … Continue reading → … Read More

Nice irony to showcasing Wellington businesses in the Beehive

Peter Kerr Sep 15, 2011

Having a showcase of cool Wellington businesses in the Beehive is a nicely ironic way to demonstrate the capital is about more than politics. Quite who Wellington City Council Business Innovation Growth (BIG) launch yesterday is meant to appeal to … Continue reading → … Read More


W(h)ither the high value manufacturing review?

Peter Kerr Aug 25, 2011

What’s the bet the high-value manufacturing review never sees the light of day? The March announcement, mid-April expected to be delivered review by Prof John Raine of Auckland Engineering School, Prof Mina Teicher from Israel and BusinessNZ’s Phil O’Reilly was … Continue reading → … Read More

Free competition to find Transformative Technologies 2011 winner — give LanzaTech a hand

Peter Kerr Aug 24, 2011

Those of a patriotic come competitive come interested in boosting cool technology bent may like to help LanzaTech in Biofuel Digest’s competition to discover the Transformative Technologies 2011 winner. In an ever decreasing round-robin ‘playoff’ two individual companies go head … Continue reading → … Read More