High level ‘innovation’ thinking receives scant attention

Peter Kerr Aug 04, 2011

At last, some slightly solid thinking about the innovation part of our economy. Sir Peter Gluckman’s under-reported speech on the ‘Globalisation of science: New Zealand’s R&D direction’ is the first tentative indication of some higher level views on how we … Continue reading → … Read More


Nano tech fabricated into new use

Peter Kerr Aug 02, 2011

Nano technology’s been touted as the next big thing…..for quite a while now when you think about it. But so far there’s been precious little product that found its way into everyday use; not counting cosmetic products with nano particles … Continue reading → … Read More


There’s money in manuka honey, and trial aims to greatly increase it

Peter Kerr May 19, 2011

There’s plenty of research on why manuka honey’s so useful from a medical and human health point of view. Equally we understand bees pretty well. The missing part of the puzzle, ironically, particularly as it is a plant that’s indigenous … Continue reading → … Read More


High-value manufacturing R&D review sure to cause some ripples

Peter Kerr Apr 19, 2011

The review and report about how R&D can better support NZ’s high-value manufacturing and services sector should be made public pretty soon. It should be interesting reading – especially given that its authors had less than a month to carry … Continue reading → … Read More