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Academic discrimination audits - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton May 06, 2014

Profs in fields where the opportunity cost of time are more valuable use tighter filters in deciding whether to reply to an email; that filter may have discriminatory effect.Milkman et al run a field experiment sending academics in a pile of fields the following email:Dear Professor [Surname of Professor Inserted Here],I am writing you because I am a prospective … Read More

Teach the Debate! - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Dec 02, 2013

Oh but Chris Auld is a mischief-maker.The Guardian has been running a series of half-baked critiques of economics. While economists of left and right recognize them as humbug, demand for humbug remains as strong as ever.Chris Auld responds by recasting an essay by biologists critical of the idea that schools should "teach the controversy" about intelligent … Read More

More scientists? - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Jun 25, 2013

I like science. But I'm not convinced that pouring money into producing more scientists is the most effective way of generating the great things that come from science. Economists typically recommend "keyhole" interventions. If there's some market failure, intervene at the most direct level to fix it. It's plausible that basic scientific discoveries - the kind that aren't really … Read More

What use is a graduate programme? - The Dismal Science

Paul Walker Apr 24, 2013

Recently when thinking about developments in university education Bill Kaye-Blake asked What’s the point of academic research? Is it to be 'critic and conscience of society' or is it to 'advance knowledge and understanding'? Or both? Whatever the answer, the results of research are certainly one of the two major outputs of universities. The second main output of … Read More