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Gender quotas and targets would speed up progress on gender equity in academia - Guest Work

Guest Author Aug 30, 2018

Joanne Pyke, Victoria University and Kate White, Federation University Australia Recently, the University of Adelaide used a special exemption under the Equal Opportunity Act to advertise eight academic positions in the faculty of engineering, computer and mathematical sciences for women only. This raises questions about why a university might take this approach. While Australia … Read More

Low stakes PISA - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Aug 24, 2018

New Zealand’s low PISA rank seems, in part, due to Kiwi students not taking the test very seriously. Akyol, Krishna and Wang develop a measure checking whether a student is taking the PISA test seriously (leaving questions blank while having time left, for example), and see whether it affects country rankings compared to simulations where children take the test … Read More

Annual Academic Spam Awards - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Jun 04, 2013

More annoying than those who boast of the number of unread emails in their inbox are the spammers who contribute to that number.  I’m fortunate to have a university IT department that effectively filters mountains of spam.  Nevertheless, some make it through to my inbox.  In the forlorn hope that I will shame these spammers … Continue reading » … Read More

New academic visas for New Zealand - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Mar 30, 2011

Announced yesterday by the Minister of Immigration*, Dr Coleman, are new academic visas allowing academics from over 50 countries to visit New Zealand for up to three months without first having to apply for a work visa. [caption id="attachment_6107" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Franz Joseph Glacier (Source: Wikimedia Commons)"][/caption] The motivation is explained … Read More