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Acupuncture during IVF doesn’t increase chances of having a baby - Guest Work

Guest Author May 16, 2018

Caroline Smith, Western Sydney University and Robert Norman, University of Adelaide Acupuncture has become a frequently used treatment prior to and during in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). Women hope it will increase their chances of having a baby, but also provide support with reducing stress, and feeling relaxed and well while undergoing treatment. Several small clinical trials … Read More

$26m for Acupuncture - Honest Universe

Mark Hanna May 04, 2016

Last week, ACC’s spending on alternative therapies was in the media spotlight. There were pieces on both TV3’s Story and Stuff asking the question of whether or not this spending is justified. This was prompted by some new information that’s been released by ACC under the Official Information Act, regarding their funding of acupuncture treatments. ACC … Read More

ACC and Acupuncture 2 - Honest Universe

Mark Hanna Sep 04, 2014

The ACC has responded to my Official Information Act request that I mentioned in my last post on ACC and acupuncture. Here’s what I asked for in my request: Dear Accident Compensation Corporation, In response to an Official Information Act request from Kevin McCready in June (https://fyi.org.nz/request/1749-continue…), Mrs Koleti Vae’au wrote that: In 2011, ACC’s […] … Read More

ACC and Acupuncture - Honest Universe

Mark Hanna Aug 25, 2014

Over the past year or so, various Official Information Act (OIA) requests have been made via the website fyi.org.nz, which allows for these requests and their responses to be made public. I have written previously about the results of some of these requests regarding ACC and Alternative Medicine. I’ve also shared some more information on […] … Read More

ACC and Alternative Medicine - Honest Universe

Mark Hanna May 24, 2014

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) is part of the healthcare system in New Zealand. To quote themselves on their purpose, they provide “comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand”. To put it simply, if you hurt yourself in an accident in New Zealand, ACC will likely pay […] … Read More

Poking needles in child's tongue unlikely to bring back missing DNA - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Oct 31, 2013

Sinclair May has a genetic disorder that includes developmental delays and limited speech. His father has taken him to Hong Kong to have needles poked into his tongue. Surely it doesn’t take a biology degree to realise that poking needles into a kid’s tongue is not going to bring back his missing DNA and that Sinclair’s … Read More

Press Complaints Commission upholds homeopaths complaint - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Apr 16, 2013

Tauranga homeopath Clive Stuart has had part of his complaint against an article on homeopathy (Homeopathy – Trick or Treatment?) published in the July 2012 edition of North & South, upheld by the Press Complaints Commission (PCC)*. While the PCC did not agree with his complaint that balance needed to be numerically equivalent (there were quotes from two … Read More

Is Modern Medicine Killing You? – Episode 1 - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Oct 03, 2012

Well I have just watched the first episode of “Is Modern Medicine Killing You?” on TV 1 and it certainly could have been worse. There are a few concerns that I have about the show but all in all it was quite interesting. This week we met two patients, suffering from different conditions, for which they had had little success … Read More

Is Acupuncture Worth a Punctured Lung? or Does the Risk Out Weigh the Benefit? - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Aug 16, 2010

Friday’s issue of The New Zealand Medical Journal includes a case report of pneumothrorax in a recipient of acupuncture. For the interested layperson out there a pneumothorax in the collection of air in the space between the lung and chest wall leading in extreme cases to cardiac arrest. Acupuncture can result in pneumothorax when the [...] … Read More