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How to help your child get the most protection out of their face mask - COVID-19

Guest Author Nov 12, 2021

Joel Rindelaub, University of Auckland   With many children around the country required to wear masks in classrooms, including those as young as eight in Victoria, parents are wondering how they can support their kids’ mask use. Schools are a breeding ground for respiratory viruses. When a large number of people are gathered together for extended periods of time … Read More

Aerosols: the disco balls of Earth’s atmosphere - Guest Work

Guest Author May 18, 2018

Dr Laura Revell When you say ‘aerosols,’ I think deodorant spray cans… Yes and no. Aerosols – tiny particles or droplets suspended in the air – are the mist of liquid particles that come out of spray cans. But they also exist in the atmosphere on vast scales and are produced from various natural processes and human activities. Such as? … Read More