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Under African skies - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Nov 03, 2010

Guardian journalist Madeleine Bunting has been in Mali, learning how it is affected by climate change. In an article published on Sunday she wrote of her visit to the remote town of Anakila where an enormous encroaching sand dune threatens. “For years now, the elders explain, they have been worried by climate change. Disrupted rain [...] … Read More

Sunday Times opens another gate - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Feb 09, 2010

Jonathan Leake at the UK Sunday Times has been swift to hail another supposedly damaging inaccuracy in the IPCC report.  Africagate, the headline calls it.  It occurs in the Working Group II report, which deals with the question of impacts, adaptation and vulnerability. I’ve looked up the section, which is in chapter 9 of the [...] … Read More

Africa says do what science requires - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Nov 05, 2009

The desperation that poorer countries are feeling over climate change was dramatically displayed at Barcelona this week when the African bloc walked out of the official negotiations towards a Copenhagen agreement.  Their complaint, reports the Guardian, was that the rich nations’ carbon cuts were far too small to avoid catastrophic climate change. The demand is that [...] … Read More

Climate Change in Africa - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Nov 01, 2009

We need to have it spelt out. Africa will be hit hard as the effects of climate change fall disproportionately on the world’s poorest people and countries. Camilla Toulmin’s book Climate Change in Africa surveys those effects and focuses on the adaptation measures needed to lessen the impact of what lies ahead. She endorses the [...] … Read More