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Towards tackling milk allergy - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jan 25, 2017

New Zealand agricultural scientists have learnt that the calves of a cow modified to have less allergenic milk also have less allergenic milk, raising hopes of developing a variety of cattle that those will one type of milk allergy can drink. Jamie Morton writing in the New Zealand Herald has the story, GE cow’s offspring show ‘super-milk’ potential. For those … Read More

Future proofing our pastures against drought - Infrequently Asked Questions

Lynley Hargreaves Feb 11, 2015

Minushika Punchihewa New Zealand may have escaped another official declaration of drought, but climate-change forecasts make dry periods more likely. Good news, then, that a New Zealand high school student has helped improve the drought-resistance of future pastures. Former Palmerston North Girls’ High School student Minushika Punchihewa explains her Gold CREST research that ensures successful cross-breeding just by looking … Read More

Fonterra saga rumbles on – and just how common is C. sporogenes in cans of baby formula? - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Sep 09, 2013

The Fonterra ‘not botulism’ story continues to rumble on with Crown Research Institute AgResearch releasing a statement saying they didn’t confirm botulism in the Fonterra samples they ran through the mouse bioassay, merely flagged the need for further testing. Then came the revelation that it was the death of one mouse out of five … Read More

AgResearch moving house – let's have the full picture - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Aug 01, 2013

Further details of AgResearch’s plans to move (large) parts of its operation to create ‘hubs’ were released yesterday. As I had suspected earlier this involves substantially reducing operations in some parts of the country. One hub will be created at Lincoln, which I introduced earlier; the Grasslands campus at Palmerston North is also to be expanded. Read More

Ag Science hub to form near Christchurch, New Zealand - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Apr 30, 2013

Now updated with images from concept drawings: see end of article. A large agricultural science hub based on AgResearch has been announced to be established near Lincoln University, a few kilometres from Christchurch. AgResearch is New Zealand‘s largest non-University scientific research organisation, based in a number of centres throughout the country, including Palmerston North and … Read More

Ag science just ain't sexy enough - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Jun 22, 2010

Here’s the looming problem for New Zealand – the scientific institutions that come up with innovations to keep our primary sector industries productive and contributing huge amounts to GDP are failing to attract young kiwi talent to replace the old-timers that are retiring. Hence we have, a few days after Fieldays, the following headline in Rural News: … Read More

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