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Air hygiene: how re-thinking air quality will help protect us from this and the next pandemic - COVID-19

Guest Author Feb 25, 2022

Ian David Longley, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Our complacency about indoor air contributed to our vulnerability to COVID-19, and we’ll continue to be vulnerable to COVID and other emerging threats until we re-think how we share our air. Humans are social; we need to be with each other. That’s what made us vulnerable. Our first defences against … Read More

An investment in clean indoor air would do more than help us fight COVID – it would help us concentrate, with lasting benefits - COVID-19

Guest Author Feb 09, 2022

Peter Martin, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University Sometimes the best things you can do are invisible. Such as fighting cholera by ensuring drinking water wasn’t contaminated by sewage, as happened in London in the 1840s. Or setting up an emissions trading scheme, which drove emissions down, despite former prime minister Tony Abbott attacking it … Read More

Reducing the risk of Covid-19 transmission through the use of air purifiers - Public Health Expert

Public Health Expert Oct 26, 2021

Prof Mark Jermy, Dr Julie Bennett, Dr Jason Chen, Phoebe Taptiklis and Dr Caroline Shorter* Indoor environments increase the risk of transmission for the virus that causes Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) by containment and concentration of the airborne virus. However, to reduce such transmission, the particles that carry the virus can be diluted by bringing in as much outdoor air as possible. Read More