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Why looking for aliens is good for society (even if there aren’t any) - Guest Work

Guest Work Jul 27, 2017

Ian Crawford, UCL The search for life elsewhere in the universe is one of the most compelling aspects of modern science. Given its scientific importance, significant resources are devoted to this young science of astrobiology, ranging from rovers on Mars to telescopic observations of planets orbiting other stars. The holy grail of all this activity would be … Read More

If we ever came across aliens, would we be able to understand them? - Guest Work

Guest Work Jul 29, 2016

James Carney, Lancaster University Many scientists believe that alien civilisations exist. For them, the question is now whether we will encounter them in the near future or a very long time from now, rather than if at all. So let’s imagine that we suddenly stand face-to-face with members of an alien species. What would we do … Read More

UFOs, climate change and missing airliners: how to separate fact from fiction - Guest Work

Guest Work Jun 20, 2016

By Michael J. I. Brown, Monash University If you’ve been on social media then perhaps you’ve seen the “Ancient Aliens” meme; a wild-haired alien aficionado Giorgio A. Tsoukalos attributing all manner of things to aliens. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is a well known speculator about alien visitation to Earth. History Channel Attributing the pyramids to aliens is … Read More

Ancient Aliens on the "History" Channel - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Mar 12, 2011

Last weekend I discovered a programme on the History Channel called “Ancient Aliens.” After watching it I think it would better suit an “alternative history” channel. This series looks back through history and hypothesises that aliens have been visiting us and influencing our history. Watching the programme is a bit like driving past a traffic accident – you know you … Read More