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Poking needles in child's tongue unlikely to bring back missing DNA - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Oct 31, 2013

Sinclair May has a genetic disorder that includes developmental delays and limited speech. His father has taken him to Hong Kong to have needles poked into his tongue. Surely it doesn’t take a biology degree to realise that poking needles into a kid’s tongue is not going to bring back his missing DNA and that Sinclair’s … Read More

Iridologist's treatment of cancer patient now at tribunal - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Aug 27, 2013

Iridologist Ruth Nelson’s treatment of Yvonne Maine’s skin cancer—that invaded her skull and ultimately cost her life—is now finally facing a tribunal hearing. As a ‘natural remedy’ practitioner her actions don’t come under the scrutiny of medical boards, but have been put before the Office of the Health and Disability Commissioner as a breach of … Read More

TOSP Episode 18: January 23rd 2012 - The Sciblogs Podcast

Aimee Whitcroft Jan 24, 2012

Hello and welcome, once again, to another episode of TOSP. This week was anniversary weekend in Wellington, so Elf and aimee recorded the ‘cast on Monday instead of Sunday.  Because it was, well, a long weekend 🙂 And what an interesting ‘cast we think it is!  This week, we feature viewing the Milky Way’s central supermassive black hole, … Read More