Antarctic Voyage: Could the past be the key to the present? - Field Work

Guest Author Feb 25, 2013

Written by Molly Paterson (PhD student, Antarctic Research Centre, VUW). Date:21/2/2013 Location: 65.17903°S, 141.413812°E Weather: Cloudy with winds up to 30 knots Sea state: 3-4 m swell Molly logging a sediment core. [Helen Bostock]Over the last week, while the oceanographers have been studying the hydrology of the slope, the geologists have recovered two cores. We … Read More

Reflections of a Sound - Journeys to the ice

Matthew Wood Aug 25, 2010

When you’re spending US$15M to drill a hole, you want to make sure it’s in the right place. In the austral summer of ’05/’06, it was still a year until bits would start chewing through rock beneath the McMurdo Ice Shelf (MIS) in the first phase of the ANtarctic DRILLing (ANDRILL) Project. The international … Read More

Deep time, deep water - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Oct 11, 2009

The last time CO2 hit a sustained level of 400 ppm 15-20 million years ago global average temperatures were 3 – 6ºC warmer than now, and sea level was 25 to 40 m higher, according to research released last week. That’s bad news, because the target for current international negotiations to find a successor to [...] … Read More