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Frozen Friday Fab Four #4 - Ice Doctor

Victoria Metcalf May 02, 2014

After a break with a couple of Friday holidays we’re back. Four of the Antarctic or anything else headlines/social media bits that have grabbed my attention this week(ish).   Access to icebreakers is essential for polar research. 1. Woohoo for something heartening happening in science. UK polar science is set to get a huge boost with the … Read More

Antarctica at what cost? Fighting over the far south. - Ice Doctor

Victoria Metcalf Mar 20, 2014

  What’s the future for Antarctic expeditions? Antarctica still holds magical allure as perhaps the most mysterious continent we possess on earth. Even for those that have experienced time ‘on the ice’ it may feel more akin to being on another planet than our own. Part of the attraction is the extreme tag, well earned in this case, with … Read More